DIY Lighting Tips for Photography

Now that the world has gone virtual, small businesses are increasingly dependent on social media to reach customers. Utilizing social media platforms makes good business sense, because it's where the people are and it's free. More than ever before people are a captive audience hungry for fresh content. The best way to you can capture people's attention is to take great photographs. The first thing you should know is you don't need fancy equipment. You can use your smartphone!

DIY Photography Tips

The best place to start is to take pictures of your products, services, you and your store. By using your smart phone you can instantly upload your photographs to any social media. Here are some quick and easy photography tips:

  1. Don't use the flash! It's awful and it will wash away important details of your picture with harsh shadows and highlights.

  2. Use natural light or a light box. Lighting can make or break a great photo. An easy solution is to setup a table next to a window that receives great natural light for your photo shoots. For an easy DIY light box solution, see below.

  3. Check your background. Setup your scene with a complimentary background for your product. Stay away from busy or irrelevant backgrounds.

  4. Close-up shots. For smaller items or people, try to get closer to your subject. Many times people will take pictures from far away which makes distracting for the viewer. Get close enough so your subject or item is taking up the majority of the screen.

  5. Tell your story with props. Props will help tell your story. If you have an apple pie, set it on a linen cloth with some crumbs, apples and utensils next to it. Below is a picture we took of a store bought apple pie.

apple pie photograph push creative designs
Telling Your Story With Props

DIY Light Box

You might be wondering what a light box is and why it's important. We promise you don't want to skip this section. A light box is a great way to get a natural daylight effect for your photographs so you don't have to chase the sun from window to window.

Light boxes can be expensive, but you can easily create one for less than $30 like we did! To make this super simple, we've put a list and a link to the items you'll need to get started. You can click on the links below to directly take you to the products on Amazon or Walmart.

Items Needed:

Total Cost: Roughly $26

Step 1: Assemble the light kit using the direction on the packaging. Plug in your bulb to make sure it works. Then turn it off before it gets too hot.

Step 2: Cut a hole in the middle of the foam board for the light kit to go through.

Step 3: Push the light kit through the hole made in Step 2. Use tape to adhere the light kit to back of the foam board. Screw in the bulb.

Step 4: Use wax paper and tape to cover the front of the foam board then turn on the light.

Now you should have a easy to use, portable light box. To use it, place it in a dark/dim room on a table. Setup your scene and product on the table surrounded by a white background for light to bounce off.

You're ready to take great table top photos! Let us know how you did and share you pictures with us on social media. If you have questions, contact us and will can give you some tips.

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