Creatively Supporting Community (Free Download)

For many across the country, we are sheltering in place and that gets lonely. The only time we're allowed out is to get groceries, go the doctor or pharmacy. For that rare moment we're outside, it's nice to see people creatively supporting people. In front of our local hospital there's signage saying, "Heroes Work Here." Neighbors are finding creative ways to get kids involved with bears in the window, sidewalk chalk messages and front yard balloon structures.

Somehow that random act of kindness tells us we're actually not alone in this. We share the same feelings, hopes and gratitude. We were inspired by the Texas Governor's Mansion blue lights in support of healthcare workers. We spent a few dollars for blue lightbulbs on Amazon to show our support as well. Now the front of our house glows blue at night.

Our household has also created and printed yard signs to hand out to neighbors to say "thank you" to essential and healthcare workers. We have the artwork available for download if you would like to send it to your local printer. Signs usually cost around $10-$14 a piece.

As graphic designers, Push is trying to find other ways to support our local community. If you have an idea, send us an email or comment below.

Ordering Yard Signs

Check to see if a local printer is available to print your yard sign. Usually, you can upload the artwork directly to their website or you can send them an email. The design file for the yard sign isn't that large, so it can fit in an email.


You can save money if you order in bulk. The larger your order the price per unit cost will go down. We're ordering at least 9 (or $100) worth to hand out to neighbors as well. Our price per unit is around $10/each.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the file to your computer.

  2. Find a local printer, if not, Staples, Office Depot or Office Max can help.

  3. Send/upload the file to your local printer. The sign is sized at 18"x24".

  4. Done!

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