Helping Small Businesses

I had an idea to help small businesses in Harlingen when this whole pandemic started.

I wasn't really sure what to do, but I knew I needed to do something. As a former nonprofit director, I naturally wanted to lend my talents.

I've been working as a graphic designer for four years in Harlingen, but no one knew because all of my clients are in other states and cities. Finally, I decided I should let people know I'm here and created a website and social media sites a month ago.

The next step was finding a partner in Harlingen that understands the needs of small businesses and could help a large number.

As a resident, I had no idea who was open and how I could support local businesses. Before long I found Explore Harlingen Blog's extensive list of Harlingen restaurants and how you could order from them.

But who was keeping a list of local Harlingen businesses. To my knowledge, no one. However, there is a large group of small businesses under Downtown Harlingen. So, I got a meeting and talked to Alexis Alaniz, Downtown Harlingen's Redevelopment Specialist.

We came up with a plan. I would create graphics free-of-charge so together we could:

  1. Spread the word that Downtown Harlingen is open, and

  2. Build awareness of why shopping local and shopping small is critical.

Photo credit: Downtown Harlingen

I also know there's strength in numbers, which is why it makes sense that all Downtown Harlingen businesses have access to the graphics I created.

If everyone commits to sharing one of these graphics weekly and uses them as prompts to share your story... we can create momentum. People right now are captive audiences eating up content on social media and they want to feel good. Your story and all Downtown Businesses coming together in support of each amazing. Put these signs in your windows. Find creative ways to get the word out. Let's make it newsworthy by supporting Downtown Harlingen.

Below are a few things I've shared in my Facebook posts about the benefits of shopping small and shopping local. You're welcome to use this language as you please..

Shopping small and shopping local:

  1. Supports your local community.

  2. Keeps your dollars (and tax dollars) local.

  3. Benefits nonprofits (small businesses provide 250% more support to nonprofits than larger businesses)

  4. Employs more residents.

  5. Strengthen our local government and economy.

  6. Supports diversity in consumer choices.

Link to graphics. List is updated every Tuesday.

Please comment below or reach out to me with your ideas.

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