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Hello, I'm Tracie!
mother, web designer, marketer and photographer with a technical mind and a creative eye. I'm happy you're here! 

My personal mantra is, "presentation is everything" especially when it comes to your brand. If you're reading this, then you'll likely agree. 

Not only can a picture speak a thousand words, but great design can connect people, products and services in meaningful ways. 

This knowledge helped me raise millions of dollars for nonprofits over the course of my 15 year career in marketing. I also graduated with honors in Digital Media Design.

I offer a full-range of print and web services for businesses including:

  • Web and graphic designs

  • Publications and brochures

  • Business cards and stationery

  • Mobile app designs

  • Campaign and event design

  • Video editing and animation

  • Back-end Website Training 


I currently contract with firms across the U.S. to create marketing pieces, websites and videos for doctors, municipalities, biotech companies, small businesses, restaurants, and startups.   


Let's get started and push your brand forward like I have for so many others. Reach me by phone or email. I'm always happy to help!

Tracie Kindel

(512) 769-9890

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Wondering where to start? I can get you where you need to go. Check my schedule to get started!

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